World Tourism Day 2018- Theme , Slogans ,Logo

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World Tourism Day 2018- Theme , Slogans ,Logo
World Tourism Day 2018- Theme , Slogans ,Logo

About World Tourism Day 2018

World Tourism Day Festival was started in 1980 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, which is celebrated every year on 27th September. This special day was chosen on this day because the laws of the UNWTO were implemented in the year 1970, which is considered to be a big historical place for global tourism because its purpose is to make people aware about the important role of tourism within the international community. is. Also to demonstrate how social, economic, cultural, political values ​​are influenced globally.

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World Tourism Day 2018

World Tourism Day 2018 will be celebrated on Thursday, September 27th.

Every day on this day there is a special theme for people around the world. The theme of the 2011 event was tourism linking cultures and 2012 tourism and energetic stability. The topic of the year 2013 will highlight the role of tourism for a bright energy future. Every year on 27 September, the goal of making people aware about the importance of tourism is celebrated every year.

To participate on this occasion, a message is sent to the general public every year by the UNWTO Secretary-General. It is celebrated with great interest by various tourism enterprises, organizations, government agencies etc. On this day, varieties of competitions, photo competitions that promote tourism, tourism award presentations, including free awards, discounts / special offers for general discounts.

Due to the incidents of various attractive and new destinations for tourist tourists, the world has become increasingly growing and developing economic areas. Therefore, it has become the main source of income for developing countries.

World Tourism Day Theme 2018

> The theme of the 1980s is “Tourism Contribution to the Protection of Cultural Heritage and for Peace and Contextualisms”.

> The theme of 1981 was “Tourism and quality of life”.

> The theme of “Travel in Pride: Good Guests and Good Hosts” was in 1982.

> The theme of “Travel and Holidays” is a right but the responsibility for all is also in 1983.

> The theme of 1984 was “Tourism for international understanding, peace and cooperation”.

> Theme of 1985 “Youth Tourism: Cultural and Historical Heritage for Peace and Friendship”.

> The theme of 1986 was “Tourism: Important Power for World Peace”.

> The theme of 1987 was “Tourism for Development”.

> The theme of 1988 was “Tourism: Education for All”.

> The theme of 1989 “The free movement of tourists creates a world”

> The theme of 1990 was “Tourism: An Unmarketed Industry, a Service Leaving”.

> The theme of 1991 was “Dialogue, Information and Education: Powerlines for Tourism Development”.

> The theme of 1992 was “Tourism: an increasingly social and economic integration and a component of the problem”.

The theme of 1993 was “Tourism Development and Environmental Protection: Permanent Reconciliation”.

> The theme of 1994 was “Quality staff, quality tourism”.

> The theme of 1995 was “WTO: Global Tourism Service for twenty years”

> The theme of 1996 was “tourism: a component of tolerance and peace”.

> The theme of 1997 was “Tourism: A Leading 20-Century Activity for Job Creation and Environmental Protection”.

The theme of 1998 was “Public-Private Sector Partnership: Tourism Development and Promotional Promotion”.

> The theme of 1999 was “Tourism: To Save the World Heritage for the New Millennium”.

> 2000’s theme “Technology and Nature: There were two challenges for tourism in the beginning of the 21st Century”.

The theme of 2001 was “Tourism: a toll for peace and a dialogue between cultures”.

The 2002 theme was “Ecotourism, the key to sustainable development”.

The theme of 2003 was “Tourism: A crew for poverty alleviation, job creation and social goodwill”.

> The theme of 2004 was “Sports and Tourism: mutual understanding, culture and two living foes for the development of society”.

> The theme of 2005 was “Travel and Transport: a 21st Century Reality from the Fantasy Wonders of Fantasy”.

The theme of 2006 was “Tourism Enrès”.

> The theme of 2007 was “Tourism opened the door for women”.

The theme of 2008 is “Tourism Responses to Climate Change and Global Warming Challenges”.

The theme of 2009 was “Tourism – Celebrating Diversity”.

The 2010 theme was “Tourism and Biodiversity”.

2011’s theme was “Culture Linking Tourism”.

The theme of 2012 was “Tourism and Enthusiastic Stability”.

> The theme of 2013 was “Tourism and Water: Preet of Common Future”.

The theme of 2014 was “Tourism and Community Development”.

The theme of 2015 was “Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities”

> The 2016 theme was “Tourism for All – universal accessibility potential”

> The 2017 theme will be “Sustainable Tourism – Development to Tool”.

The theme of 2018 is “Tourism and cultural protection”.


Celebrating World Tourism Day 2018

World tourism is used on 27th September to provide tourist information about tourists and to bring them to various places worldwide. People make many ideas and plans for properly developing and developing skills for tourism tourism facilities and services. Creating a good idea for people to handle and handle all the activities of the passengers is very helpful. Traveling problems are addressed to help tourists overcome problems by tourism.

The plans are used to develop many developing ideas and to focus on many developing initiatives to make people aware about many important things. World Tourism Day focuses on people’s economic, social and cultural activities. It gives information about many information and services about people about the places that help many ideas and plans with the help of internet and global mappings that are also known as Google Maps. It is very important for people to reach good tourism suits that they get every good quality facility with great money dispectives.

In India, there are many tourists shops used to register where everyone is going to go there. It is difficult to know about places where people have never been to. It is very important to know all the weather conditions, food, water, housing, transport and all other things where people have not been there. People are eager to go where they have not gone. It is important to focus on behavior of places, environment, surroundings, behavior in people’s places.

In many countries such as India, America, Europe, London, Bangalore, tourists are now developing and improving for one day, people who go there to get all sorts of comfort for busy reasons. It is very important for people to wake up to know about the weather condition, food, and people to know the exact idea of ​​that place. Every person is used to go to the place which is well-known and able to give them great relief from many activities. It is possible for people to know all the places and the many applications on the Internet through the Internet.

The Internet offers many services and services to transfer information from around the world to inform people about many different parts of the world. There are many people in the world with lots of people who do not know too many people. It is very difficult for a woman to judge her beauty in a particular place without having to go there. But through internet, you can get all the possible knowledge by watching pictures and videos in many places.

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Hello Friends i am founder ,Me Professionally Engineering Student Hoo,But blogging and youtube muze bahut pasand the isliye maine ye start kiya,ab muze blogging ke bare me jitna knowledge hai mai wo apke sath share karunga. thank you for visiting my website.

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